Ordering: via email to info@FRITZundLILY.com oder on my mobile between 9.00am and 12.00pm

Zahlungsbedingungen/ Lieferung: Vorkasse: You get via email a Vorabrechnung. When the money is on my account, I will post the item usally iwithin 5 days. The charge for a hat or booties is AU $2.00, for a jacket or dress AU $ 5.00 and for bigger parcels AU $ 10.00. For mailing to europe or the states please ask in the email for the charge. With posting geht dier Gefahr für bestellte Ware auf sie über.

Offer: My offer is not binding. Because of handmade products there could be some differnces of each item. Small differnces in colour from the picture of the website could be, because of different tuning of the monitor.

Contract: A contract wird erst mit schriftlicher Auftragsbestätigung geschlossen. Ein Rechtsanspruch auf die Verfügbarkeit der Ware ist ausgeschlossen.

Right of return: You can give the article within 14 days back. This is only possible for new and not worn products. Please send then the article back to me in a payed parcel. Then you will get your money back transfered on your account..